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A Guide to an eCommerce Order Fulfillment Service
June 6th, 2014

If you sell products to consumers online, then you are most likely aware of the importance of ecommerce order fulfillment. Order fulfillment is the process of packaging, labelling and shipping products from your warehouse when a customer makes a purchase from your website. This process is time consuming. It is therefore recommended that you outsource this task to an order fulfillment service. This type of service will store all your products for you in a third-party warehouse and from there, you route your order there in order to be processed. Then this warehouse is responsible for packing and shipping the orders to your customers the way that you instruct them to do so.

The first thing you need to be aware of is whether or not your business is ready to outsource your orders. One of the factors that you should consider is what your particular level of experience is. For instance, are you fully aware of the process of not only getting your orders from point A to point B, but how to do so with the least margin of error? Does your ideal work day consist of spending hours upon hours in a warehouse packing and shipping out orders? If you answered no to either of these questions, you most likely need to outsource your orders to an order fulfillment service.

Other things you want to take into account include order volume, eliminating shipping errors, product type, end buyer, customer support and international shipping along with status notifications. When it comes to order volume, you may need a fulfillment service if you are having a tough time keeping up with your current volume of orders. You may discover that as your volume rates increase, error rates will increase as well. These mistakes are likely to affect your business in a negative way. For instance, errors in shipping usually result in upset customers, costly return shipping, reshipping costs and restocking times.

Product type is an important consideration when it comes to ecommerce order fulfillment. This is due to the fact that not every product is ideal for order fulfillment. For instance, if you mainly ship out items that are handmade, you may not need an order fulfillment service. Other instances that do not require order fulfillment are sending out customised products, certain perishable items, closeout items or antiques. End buyers are the folks that you are selling your goods to. You also need to take into consideration which parts of the world in which your customers are located.

Customer support is a crucial part of your business. Your customers expect updates and communication on things such as order status, tracking numbers and shipping statuses. They also expect to receive the correct order, as they ordered it, the first time as well as the ability to return any items they are not satisfied with in an easy manner. With ecommerce order fulfillment services, you can expect achievable results when you are dealing with getting your orders to the warehouse and getting shipping confirmation as well as tracking numbers to provide your customers.

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