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A Growth in Air Freight UK For 2014
June 18th, 2014

Air freight UKThe popularity of air freight UK is ever growing in 2014 as more and more companies throughout the world are relying on it more heavily than they did in the past. In March of 2014 the volume of air freights had increased as much as 5.9%. The capacity for these air freights has also gone up by 3.4%.

For the fourth month in a row Chinese manufacturing has been growing increasingly slower, though the European and U.S. markets are speeding up their air freight use. As markets are slowly improving there is a need for air freight UK to reach an improved level of proposition. The impending modernization of air cargo processing now has the potential to help air freight ship to its destination 48 hours earlier than it would have in previous years.

Air freight UK delivered to its recipient via a Boeing 747 freighter has maintained its average shipping time of either six days or seven days. This shows that the impending modernization can make it more likely to carry out end to end transportations within a typical business week, which will likely increase the rate at which air freight is used in 2014 and beyond.

Air freight carriers all over the world are seeing a spike in the use of this delivery method. For example, in the Asia-Pacific air freight delivery grew by 6.9% compared to the delivery time of the previous year.

Air freight in Europe has risen 5.1% between March of 2013 and March of 2014. Though the capacity of air freight delivery in Europe only improved by 1.3% load factors have strengthened as a result. Air freight carriers throughout North America have seen a growth of 1.9% between 2013 and 2014. The slowness of the growth is tentatively attributed to bad weather making air freight deliveries more difficult. Since North American business fundamentals are not lacking in strength a greater volume of air freight can be supported. The capacity of air freight delivers throughout North America declined only by 0.3%.

In the Middle East air freight carriers have an increase in volume of FTK of 13.2% compared to last year. This growth stemmed from the fact that airlines have come to take advantage of the emergence and development of the air freight market. Air freight carriers throughout the Middle East have expanded the services they offer and are now a bigger part of networks than they were in the past. With a growth in capacity of only 4.7% the load factor has increased by almost 50%.

In Africa air freight was expanded 5.9% between March of last year and March of this year. Both the demand for and capacity of air freight in Africa has grown by 5.5%. For the first quarter of the year, air freight use expanded by 1.5%; an improvement upon previous quarters. Only in Latin America did the volume of air freight fall flat within the last year. This speaks to the success of air freight.

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