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Demand For Air Freight Continues to Grow In 2014
May 10th, 2014

air freightThe demand for Air Freight services continues to grow around the world and looks set to continue that trend for the forseeable future.The International Air Transport Association is reporting that the global use of air freight has grown at a rate of 4.5% throughout the last year. Every region was consistently using air freight within that time frame. This means there is a significant difference in the use of air freight compared to the last six months of 2013.

One of the reasons for this resurgence is that the demand for air freight services has gone up due to demand from rising economies such as those in the Middle East. The capacity growth of air freight rose by an estimated 11.5%. Air freight in the Middle East saw a large increase in its use over the course of the year.

Foreign commerce has been on the rise lately and this is another reason for the increasing demand for air freight. For every five jobs in the United States one of them is dependent on air freight deliveries to help get the job done. This issue has become so important that President Obama is striving to enact a partnership for Trans-Pacific and Atlantic trade. Transnational commerce is being encouraged by the government and is leading to shipping a growing number of exports for trans-Atlantic transactions. Though its critics are opposing trade agreements claiming they lead to U.S. jobs being given to people overseas rather than people living in the US, proponents such as Brandon Fried, an Air Cargo World contributor, have pointed out that when the North American Free Trade Agreement was enacted it came with benefits for Canada and Mexico, as well as the United States. Fried has stated that over the last 20 years trade between all three nations tripled, growing from $297 billion all the way up to $930 billion.

Taking the US as an example; 95% of the people in the world live outside the United States, and these people hold four fifths of the power to make purchases from all over the world, it becomes obvious how important global trading is. A large part of global trading is made possible through the use of air freight services. In fact, trade agreements between the U.S. and other countries are crucial to worldwide food deliveries.

Since global trading is so diverse, it is essential that air freight continues to be an economically viable option even when one country suffers from very severe winter weather conditions that can cause the delay or even cancellation of air freight deliveries that companies must have in order to be able to perform the service they are in business to perform. Within the next five years the U.S. is expected to end up being a major exporter, increasing the need for the availability of reliable air freight services. This can only be supported by resurgence.

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