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Air Freight Companies: Tips When Shipping and Importing Goods
June 11th, 2014

Your two main priorities when shipping goods must be to ensure that the items arrive to the destination undamaged and that it gets there on time. Next to these two, you should also consider the price of shipment. All of these are important factors, especially if shipping and importing items are part of your business since these will define customer satisfaction and profit. To meet these goals, here are a few tips that can assist you.

Weigh or Measure Your Goods

Air freight companies either charge by weight or volume. Therefore, to maximize the cost and to ensure that you are paying the right price, see to it that your items are properly measured. You should do this whether you are shipping out items or receiving them. If the price is based on volume, make sure that your box or container is completely filled or else you will be paying for that vacant space. Another useful tip is to maximize the allowable volume or weight for a certain price range.

Double Check The Goods That You Received

Upon receiving the goods, take time to inspect them thoroughly before signing the receipt or waybill. If there are any sign that the seal was compromised, then open the container to ensure that nothing is missing. Do not ever sign for goods that you did not receive.

Price vs. Time

If time is not a major consideration, you can save on shipping by opting for the longer transit route. This is usually applicable to non-perishable goods. Ask the freight company if they have a different price scale for longer shipment time. Most do, but they will often offer you the express charges so remember to ask. Go for this option only if the additional week or two of transit time will not affect your business.

Deal With Reputable Air Freight Companies

To find a good air freight company, try to ask referrals from associates or friends. You may also check out review sites and forums to see which company has a good track record when it comes to ensuring the safety and timely delivery of goods while charging a reasonable fee. Make sure your contract states that the company will compensate you in case your goods become lost or damaged. This is why it is important to deal with air freight companies that have insurance. Speaking of which, see to it that the insurance will also cover the value of your items.

Ensure Goods Are Properly Packed and Labelled

In some cases, the freight company will take charge of packing your items for an extra cost, but you can also do it on your own. Either way, make sure that your goods are properly sealed and that you use the right box or container. Labels should be clear and complete too because some lost shipments are caused by wrong addresses, which is the fault of the customer.

Many freight companies offer a wide range of services that will often just let you sit down and allow them do all the tasks. This is highly convenient, but as the owner of the goods, take it as your responsibility to double check everything and make a final inspection. Ensuring that your goods reach their destination safe and on time is partly your job, so follow these tips to help you achieve those goals.

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